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refund request

5 Ways to reduce your refund requests Refund requests are part and parcel of having an online store and people request refunds for a variety of different reasons. Think about the way you shop. I know for myself, when I’m shopping online and there are a few styles I really like but can’t decide between, […]

5 Ways to reduce your refund requests (and my refund policy and stats!)

goal setting

Goal Setting for 2020 How is it already 2020?! I can’t believe how quickly the years keep zooming by. Is this a ‘getting older’ thing I wonder, where the years flash by before our eyes? I’ve only just gotten used to writing 2019 and now it’s 2020! Every year I feel the same though, ‘where […]

Goal Setting. Setting Achievable Goals for your Business

email list

4 Ways to entice website visitors to subscribe to your mailing list I’m sure you have heard that capturing email addresses from your website visitors is really important. But for many of the e-commerce business owners I speak to, list building has slipped to the bottom of their never-ending ‘to-do’ lists. Don’t let this be […]

4 types of incentives to offer customers to get them on your email list

Black Friday

3 Ways to Increase Sales this Black Friday & Cyber Monday Traditionally, Black Friday is a US event, held the day after Thanksgiving & the busiest shopping day of the year, as it marks the start of the silly season. Black Friday & Cyber Monday are becoming increasingly popular around the world and it’s time […]

3 Ways to Increase Sales this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

5 Reasons your Website isn’t Converting A question I often get asked is ‘why aren’t people actually BUYING on my website?’, And it’s certainly a common problem to have as an online store or e-commerce business owner. Getting people to your website is a challenge. Getting as many of those visitors to actually buy is […]

5 Reasons your Website isn’t Converting

Financial goals, How to set them for your business Having clear financial goals and objective for your business is critical to ensuring your success. It’s crazy, but I about so many new businesses setting out with no clear goals in mind for what they want to achieve. When my coaching clients ask me to work […]

Financial goals, How to set them for your business

3 proven tactics for shifting slow moving stock As online business owners often our biggest cause for frustration can be slow-moving stock. Taking up space, tying up capital, and causing you stress. The good news is there are lots of ways to move excess inventory or slow-moving stock. Today I am sharing my personally proven top […]

3 proven tactics for shifting slow moving stock

The 4 top tips I use to help create converting copy: Have you taken all the steps to increase your website traffic but are wondering why your customer’s are still not clicking the all-powerful “add to cart” button? With these 4 easy to implement tips, you can create high converting copy for your online store […]

4 Tips For Creating Highly Converting Copy





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