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Hey, I'm Jodie Minto

I help women launch and scale their online stores,  building businesses and careers that serve THEM and allow more freedom and flexibility in their lives. 

Like every woman I’ve ever met, I wear a lot of hats and it’s not always easy to swap one out for the other.

You see not only am I the Founder & Designer at Australian fashion brand I coach and mentor other women grow and scale their online stores too.

My Philosophy

Despite being the wearer of many hats, (metaphorically speaking!), I love the freedom and flexibility of having an online business has provided me. I still work from a home office, I’m available to my kids for school pick ups/ drop offs, school concerts and all the rest I have time to go the gym each day, meet friends for coffee. My day is mine to run how I please and I absolutely love my life!

Through my coaching and programs, I’ve helped many women grow and scale their online stores too. Egidida from Awards Fashion DOUBLED HER SALES after working with me. And many others have had similar results.

The results of the work I do means that other women can also enjoy similar lifestyles like as I do. For some, that means quitting their 9 - 5 corporate jobs. Others have built businesses from scratch which are now turning over 6-figures and are loving the freedom they have in their days.

I’ve been in business for almost 20 years now and love helping others create and scale them too. So if you are committed to making your online business a huge success you are in the right place!
Jodie x

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past & current clients 

Egidia doubled her sales and increased her conversion rate by 227%
Since taking the Online Store Success program, I’ve doubled my sales, increased my traffic by 100% and improved my conversion rate by 227%.

I was at a point where I was wondering if I’d ever be able to make my business dream a reality, and I can happily say now, that I’m well on my way!


“The course was fabulous! Being able to access Jodie’s knowledge and learnings via her own experiences, is so helpful for all of us just starting out on our own business journey’s.

That kind of information really is invaluable when you are just starting out, so I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with Jodie and the other people in the course.”


Kate 10x’ed her investment

Jodie’s business advice, strategies and Facebook tutorials have been absolute gold!

She has helped me simplify my pricing system and operations, gain more traffic and sales through Facebook ads and even come up with new products to add to my site! Her advice around Facebook ad campaigns has been incredibly valuable.

I’m so glad made the investment to join this program…

My investment has repaid itself tenfold already!”



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