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5 Ways to reduce your refund requests Refund requests are part and parcel of having an online store and people request refunds for a variety of different reasons. Think about the way you shop. I know for myself, when I’m shopping online and there are a few styles I really like but can’t decide between, […]

5 Ways to reduce your refund requests (and my refund policy and stats!)

The online landscape for businesses is changing rapidly. With business owners now able to launch an online store overnight, it has become important now more than ever, to build a relationship with your customers. But how do we do this? Say hello to your new best friend – data! Whether it be your site analytics, […]

3 Ways to make your business customer centric

Many online business owners and service providers will know that the foundation of building a brand and successful business is in providing outstanding value and customer service. But often we get caught up in the day-to-day tasks and the ‘doing’ and forget to invest time and effort in setting up processes, systems or training to […]

5 ways to deliver amazing customer service to have your customers buy from you, time and time again





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