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Five ways an eCommerce coach can supercharge your sales.

Conversion Killers Today, we are going to talk about conversion killers or reasons why your website isn’t converting. I’m going to take you through five different areas of your website that might be stopping potential customers in their tracks from hitting add to cart and popping in their credit card details. Because I know it […]

Conversion killers

Want to get up to speed with the benefits of selling online? I'll tell you how.

Metrics to measure in your online store Today we are talking about the metrics and analytics you need to measure on your online store. I know this sounds kind of boring and a little bit dry. However, as business owners, we really need to be able to wrap our head around these numbers because inside […]

Metrics to measure

e-commerce platform

When Things Aren’t Going To Plan So today, I am talking to you about what you can do when things aren’t going to plan in your online store and the four areas you can go back and check and and do a deep dive and problem solve what might be going wrong for you. Your […]

When things aren’t going to plan

Reconnecting with your why I have just returned from a lovely week-long holiday on Hamilton Island, which is our first family holiday in a long time. The distance and time away is just what I needed in my both my personal and business life. What I discovered on holidays is that I hadn’t had a […]

Reconnecting with your why

Email Marketing for your online fashion store

The importance of list building and how to build yours! List building, aka growing your mailing list by collecting email addresses, is such an important part of the eCommerce business. These emails or people are your leads and the most likely customers to buy your products. You can market to them and share your campaigns […]

The importance of list building and how to build yours!

Do you know how to maximise eCommerce sales?

It’s online retail 101: learn to maximise eCommerce sales. Yet, in an analysis conducted by research institute, Baymard, the average rate for abandoned carts was a whopping 70% from most respondents. This shows us that most online retailers are still letting sales pass them by with a few big no-no’s. And none bigger in my […]

How To Maximise eCommerce Sales: Don’t Make This Mistake

sales ideas

BASIC FUNDAMENTALS SALES IDEAS   The word ‘sales’ can often make you cringe and want to crawl into a cave but let’s face it, most businesses require some kind of ‘sale’ to operate whether you’re selling a house, a course, a dress or even sales ideas.   As someone that’s been working in the online […]

Make The Sale: My Best Online Retail Sales Tips

e-commerce platform

How to pick the right e-commerce platform for your online store: So you’ve decided to launch an online store? Great! Now it’s time to get familiar with all the tech and software systems that bring your store to life. If youdon’t have an online store idea yet check out how you can Create the life […]

How To Pick The Right eCommerce Platform For Your Online Store

How to set your retail prices Jodie Minto

Deciding on your recommended retail price is often a tricky consideration.  Many online store owners find themselves spending far too much antagonising over. ‘Will I make more sales if my prices are cheaper?’ ‘If I set my prices too high will I scare people away?’ Or ‘Would I be better to serve fewer customers but at […]

How To Set Your Recommended Retail Price

refund request

5 Ways to reduce your refund requests Refund requests are part and parcel of having an online store and people request refunds for a variety of different reasons. Think about the way you shop. I know for myself, when I’m shopping online and there are a few styles I really like but can’t decide between, […]

5 Ways to reduce your refund requests (and my refund policy and stats!)





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