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Why do you need an eCommerce coach? It’s a widely-cited statistic that businesses that survive the longest have a business or eCommerce coach, but so often we focus on the numbers without really understanding why this is the case. eCommerce mentoring is one of the fastest ways to scale your business, supercharge your success and […]

Why An eCommerce Coach is Your Secret to Online Retail Success

eCommerce mentor

So, back in 2021. We’ve hung up our Santa hats, packed away the Bailey’s for another year and for many of us, we’re getting back into the full swing of everyday life. What does that look like for you in the business realm? Starting the online store, growing the online store, maybe even catapulting the […]

eCommerce Mentoring Is Bigger Than Ever In 2023

What’s the purpose of me sharing my monthly ecommerce report 2021 reports? Every month, I get a little raw and real about my revenue and return – good or bad. Why do I do this? Because I believe that complete transparency is the key to eCommerce and online retail success. So often, you’ll see ads from […]

REAL Monthly Retail Income Report – January 2021

Styling you Instagram I’m sure you all know the importance of branding. But it’s also somewhere were things can become a little ….well… confused… Social media can expose us to a lot of potentially ‘grey’ areas. We see a beautiful image and want to share it sooo bad, but really, it’s so off brand its […]

5 Top Tips To Ensure Your Instagram Feed Is On-Brand

Once you’ve made the decision to work from home, the next choice involves finding your online business idea. This is the first step to becoming a Womens in Business. Which is right for you will depend on factors that include the amount of time and money you want to invest, the flexibility of your schedule […]

5 Online Business Models for Womens in Business in 2021

BASIC FUNDAMENTALS SALES IDEAS The word ‘sales’ can often make you cringe and want to crawl into a cave but let’s face it, most businesses require some kind of ‘sale’ to operate whether you’re selling a house, a course, a dress or even sales ideas. As someone that’s been working in the online retail sales […]

Make The Sale: My Best Online Retail Sales Tips

How to pick the right e-commerce platform for your online store: So you’ve decided to launch an online store? Great! Now it’s time to get familiar with all the tech and software systems that bring your store to life. If youdon’t have an online store idea yet check out how you can Create the life […]

How To Pick The Right eCommerce Platform For Your Online Store

Deciding on your recommended retail price is often a tricky consideration.  Many online store owners find themselves spending far too much antagonising over. ‘Will I make more sales if my prices are cheaper?’ ‘If I set my prices too high will I scare people away?’ Or ‘Would I be better to serve fewer customers but at […]

How To Set Your Recommended Retail Price

Staying motivated while working from home After working from home full time for the past 3.5 years, here are my top tips to staying motivated while working from home and making it work. Check out my full story. There’s no question about it. Working from home has its perks! I personally love not having to […]

5 Top Tips For Staying Motivated When Working From Home

Right now it is so important to take one day at a time. The level of uncertainty at the moment is worrying however, I want you to take a minute & just breath! Today I’m jumping in to answer a couple of your q’s & share my advice on how to cope, as an online […]

How To Stay Sane During The Pandemic


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