Are you ready to Optimize, Scale and Grow your
e-commerce Fashion or Lifestyle store in 2021?

This is THE program for you if you are committed to seeing rapid results in your business.

The Online Store Success Mastermind has been built specifically to support women in e-commerce, who are  looking to scale their online stores to $100k and beyond.

 Only passionate, intelligent, committed businesswomen are accepted into the coaching program.

If you are looking for no-nonsense, practical business training and strategies, while immersing yourself in a community geared for growth, support and guidance -  this is the program for you!

My coaching is results driven and profit-focused and is based on my own tried and tested strategies in running a multiple 6-figure online store (which I still run today).

Are you ready to take the next steps in realising your business and lifestyle dreams?

This 12-month program combines laser coaching and support with Jodie, in addition to:
✔  Weekly group coaching and accountability calls
✔ Advanced online modules and masterclasses to help you fast track your success
✔  Share the collective knowledge and experiences of like minded e-commerce business owners
✔  Invitation to our incredibly supportive online community to collaborate, share and brainstorm
✔  Access to Jodie’s little black book of contacts
✔ Plus much much more

The Online Store Success VIP Mastermind is for a select, small group of dedicated women. Are you ready to scale your business and online store to $100K+ per year?  

By application only.  Email Jodie today to find out more: 

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The Online Store Success Mastermind includes:

is thIS Mastermind for you?

Get focused on your goals, address your specific online store challenges and get the support you need to create momentum and growth. 

Weekly Laser Coaching

Continue upskilling in all areas of achieving Online Store Success.  Masterminders get access to ALL of Jodie's online programs.

   Guest experts join us from time to time too!

Advanced online learnings and Masterclasses

A collective  forum of collective knowledge, where you can access others experiences, resources and contacts to fast track your success.

Private Facebook Community

Get access to Jodie and her team for those   mini (or major!) crises when you have no one else to turn to. 

Emergency Support Access to Jodie and her team

Advanced Facebook Ads Support and Coaching

Have Jodie inside your Ads Manager account to help coach and guide you and help you get set up for success.

"Hands down the best business investment I have made. I knew I had a good product but I struggled to reach my target market to make sales. With Jodie on board I went from $1500 to $36,000 per month in just over 5 months. Jodie shares her extensive knowledge of Facebook, Instagram, Direct Marketing and associated apps and tools in a delightfully easy manner to understand and apply. I thoroughly endorse Jodie and her Mastermind program.”

Highly Satisfied Mastermind Participant
January 2020

What's the mastermind like?

 What's it like working with jodie?

I have been working through Jodie's online course and participated in her Mastermind program for the past 6 months. Her expertise and guidance has made a huge difference to my business.

I knew I had a fabulous product, but I had no idea how to sell it or get the brand out there! With Jodie's help, Ellenny Swim has been extremely successful for a startup business. Jodie is really patient and knowledgeable about Facebook Ads and marketing as well as loads of other business related things.

As well as being really supportive, her knowledge and teaching skills are amazing. She is patient and kind and will help explain everything as much as is needed.
Thank you so much Jodie :)

JUNE 2020

“I was searching for the next step in business growth and wanted to find an e-commerce fashion expert to help me.

I was told Jodie Minto is the one to contact.

 Jodie specialised in Facebook ads and not only implemented ads for Louise M but ensured I was confident to create and monitor ads myself.

 Jodie’s calm friendly approachable manner, along with her methodical planning and willingness to share her extensive knowledge was exactly what I needed.

It was also valuable having the opportunity to connect with other online clients that Jodie was working with to learn from their challenges and successes.

If this sounds like what you need I highly recommend you contact Jodie today to get started!” 

Louise Matson: Founding Director Louise M shoes.

"I can honestly say I have no idea where I'd be with my business today if I didn't have the guidance, help and advise that I've received through working with Jodie. I can't recommend Jodie's course enough.

I jumped into the e-commerce world with my eyes wide shut. I really had no idea quite what I had gotten myself into once I started Jodies course and realized all I didn't know! Before I started with Jodie I had some ideas of where I wanted the business to head, but there was not a clear strategy. I now have that.

Jodie offers real advise and actions that you can implement in your business immediately. Her course and information is really easy to follow and she has always been available to answer any queries outside of the weekly calls. She is totally transparent with all she does in her own business and then sharing this with her clients.

With Jodies help I've been able to implement clear marketing strategies, align my pricing structure, grow my customer base, increase my product offering and website traffic and plan how to scale my business. Amongst mastering the world of Facebook Ads, I have quadrupled my email list and increased my social media following by 300%.

It's also been invaluable to be a part of a group of like minded women in business to share your wins and frustrations with. "

Fiona Webb-Johnston
Managing Director, Kardia

I first came across Jodie through a facebook ad for a free webinar. I joined up and she opened the call with I make xx amount of money online through my fashion business per year. I hated going to markets so I had to make online sales work.
I loved this for 2 reasons:
No one ever talks about money and I found this honesty a breath of fresh air
I too hate markets and didn’t get into business to lose all freedom / life.
In the first couple of weeks of working together, utilising a bunch of strategies my online traffic improved by 164%. My Revenue increased by 447.47% and my average dollar order increased by 45.99%

I have now been working with Jodie for 2.5 months, during this time my online traffic (compared to before working with Jodie) has improved 960.7%, my revenue by1215.03% and my average dollar order continues to sit at an improved rate of 45%.

Jodie has been an epic mentor. She is especially good at the practical application of FB ads, traffic generation and customer nurturing.
I am thoroughly enjoying working with her!

Deb from Stoked NZ 

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Hey, I'm Jodie

Let me share with you my story…
Six years ago I was living in the Middle East with my husband and 2 young children. I was working full-time in a corporate job that I loathed. I was burnt out and exhausted and desperate to quit my job. I needed a change and I wanted to be my own boss, work my own hours and be in charge of my own destiny.


More of your story goes here... make sure you keep it relevant about this course and topic (oh... and keep it short too) 


More of your story goes here... make sure you keep it relevant about this course and topic (oh... and keep it short too) 


see what happens at the mastermind retreats

see what happens in the mastermind retreats

see what happens in the mastermind retreats


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