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  Masterminds may seem to be relatively new however the concept of a Mastermind can be traced back 75 years to Napolean Hill and his inspirational classic, Think and Grow Rich. Napolean Hill describes the Mastermind principle as “The coordination of knowledge and effort between two or more people who work towards a definite purpose […]

3 Reasons to Say Yes to a Mastermind

I’ve been reading Arianna Huffington ‘Thrive’ and considering the metric measures of success that we so often focus on, and the measures that should really matter to us and the community as a whole. In her book, Arianna shares that society has been reduced to just two measures of success – money and power. For […]

How to redefine your metric measures of success

3 Proven Ways to Build Social Proof Have you ever been to a restaurant just because someone recommended it to you? Of course, you have! We all have. Sometimes I’ve been without ever knowing what cuisine they are serving, I just know that *INSERT FRIEND NAME HERE* said the place was awesome. That’s the power […]

3 Proven Ways to Build Social Proof

  What is crowdfunding Like the name suggests, crowdfunding is funding a product, venture, business, idea or concept, via pledges from supporters (aka the crowd). Often this is done as an exchange by way of a ‘reward’ for the pledge (eg: first release of the product you are offering, a ticket to a VIP function, […]

Crowdfunding what you need to know about it?

Our friend Google is an important consideration for small and online business owners, however, too many business owners often ignore this powerful marketing opportunity and with devastating impacts on their bottom line. When you get your SEO right, Google (and other search engines) essentially brings new potential customers to your front door. So the question […]

How to write SEO friendly content

Last week I shared my Top 5 tips on how to work with Influencers. The tips I shared a valuable for anyone wanting to trial influencer marketing for their business, but so often business owners will reach out to mega social media stars and be deterred by the large fees that come with having your […]

How Micro-Influencers are changing the game!

Newsflash: You don’t have to spend a fortune on influencers! In fact, when it comes to working with influencers, the cost alone is rarely a good indication of how suitable they are for your target market. It’s difficult to put firm numbers around influencer marketing, however, sources claim that influencer marketing is a multi-billion dollar […]

Top 5 Tips on How To Work With Influencers

If you follow me on Facebook (here) you may have seen that recently I was trolled quiet seriously across all my social media pages. Sadly, as my public profile increases so does my risk of being trolled. What I have learnt from this recent experience is that with the right tools up your sleeve, the […]

5 Tips for Dealing with Trolls

Money mistakes in your business, are you making these? “What if, rather then you serving your business, your business served you” – Mike Michalowicz Did you know that most online businesses use an age-old accounting method that actually results in us paying ourselves last and generating a profit rarely? We operate from a completely flawed model […]

Are you making these 3 money mistakes in your business?

The online landscape for businesses is changing rapidly. With business owners now able to launch an online store overnight, it has become important now more than ever, to build a relationship with your customers. But how do we do this? Say hello to your new best friend – data! Whether it be your site analytics, […]

3 Ways to make your business customer centric


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