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Today I’m talking about whether or not Facebook ads are right for your business because it’s a question I get asked a lot. And people are often quite fearful around wasting money pressing the wrong buttons and things like that. And there’s definitely some businesses that they’re great in for accelerating your growth and your […]

Are Facebook Ads Right For Your Business?

Want to get up to speed with the benefits of selling online? I'll tell you how.

Something I find really upsetting is when I speak with business owners, and they tell me that they’re not actually paying themselves a wage at all and never have it upsets me because why else have we started a business if it’s not to create a career on our own terms? What and why else […]

When Should I Pay Myself In My Business?

Email Marketing for your online fashion store

Call me crazy, but I love Facebook ads! I don’t know why. I’m very strange. But I proudly wave the flag of being a Facebook ads nerd. Facebook ads have helped grow my business iland co. to a million dollar a year business. And I love sharing teaching and managing ads for others and sharing […]

What’s Working For Me Right Now in Facebook Ads

I’ve also just returned from spending a week in Melbourne where I exhibited at my very first wholesale trade show for iland co., where I don’t want to completely say it was a disaster. It is borderline. So today I’m going to share with you what my top five lessons were regarding exhibiting at your […]

5 Lessons From My First Trade Show

How to choose the right e-commerce platform

We are talking about your winning website, as well as the ultimate challenge of how to drive traffic and customers to your website. So what even is that? Your winning website is obviously your shopfront. That’s what the world sees when they land on your site for the very first time. So we want to […]

Winning Website and Traffic

refund request

Today I am talking to you about building your audience and your brand so that you’re not just launching to nobody that you have hopefully worked to build up an audience ready to launch to as well as having the right tech to support it. Here are some key factors to nail when launching your […]

Brand, Audience and Tech – Launching Your Online Store

Coaching can help your eCommerce business reach new heights.

Today I am talking about all things products, how to source products to sell, or how to manufacture your own products. Hopefully you have a bit of an idea around what it is that you want to sell. You have maybe already created a prototype or sample or something like that. Manufacturing because manufacturing is […]

Finding your product

Five ways an eCommerce coach can supercharge your sales.

Today, we are going to talk about conversion killers or reasons why your website isn’t converting. I’m going to take you through five different areas of your website that might be stopping potential customers in their tracks from hitting add to cart and popping in their credit card details. Because I know it takes time […]

Conversion killers

Want to get up to speed with the benefits of selling online? I'll tell you how.

Today we are talking about the metrics and analytics you need to measure on your online store. I know this sounds kind of boring and a little bit dry. However, as business owners, we really need to be able to wrap our head around these numbers because inside of this data, and these analytics as […]

Metrics to measure

e-commerce platform

So today, I am talking to you about what you can do when things aren’t going to plan in your online store and the four areas you can go back and check and and do a deep dive and problem solve what might be going wrong for you. Your conversion rate? The very first thing […]

When things aren’t going to plan


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