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Deep dive into your Facebook Ads Manager account , check settings, audit campaigns and get advice on your strategy and feedback on your ad creatives.

Perform a website audit and get advice for improvement

Discuss and get advice your overall digital marketing strategy and tatics, including organic social media, email marketing and more. 

Get clear on your ideal customer, develop some short and punchy ad copy or social media captions, or your product strategy

Or any other business struggles you might be facing including conversion rate on your website.

Book in a one off, 'Power Hour' consultation  with Jodie and get clear on your next steps to eCommerce success!

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Spend an hour with me where you can 'pick my brain', ask me all your business questions, and come away with a clear plan of attack for your next steps for your online store. 

During this one on one call, 60-minute call, you dictate the agenda. These are topics I've helped others with during this call: 

To book, simply book a time into my calendar via the link to the right.

A call recording will be shared with you so you can go back and listen to it again should you wish. 

Please note, payment is required on booking.  Payment is non-refundable. A 100% cancellation fee applies if your appointment is cancelled within 24 hours of your scheduled time.

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