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Season 1 - Episode 7

from markets to millions, online store success with jodie minto

Season 1 - Episode 7

In today's episode, I share some content ideas that will help you connect with your customers without being so salesy! 

Content on social media is how we can bond with our audience and build up brand credibility. 

Listen in to hear my suggestions!



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Show transcript

Hello and welcome to this episode of Online Store Success with me, Jodie Minto. Today I'm sharing with you some content ideas, in fact four content ideas that you can share on your social media that aren't salesy, and while they are salesy, they will still help you build connection, credibility, value and also give you the option opportunity to promote your products. 
Posting on social media, I know for us, Instagram feels like it's just a never ending beast that you have to just keep feeding. It often feels like it's for nothing but I know when I go to buy from a product or buy from a brand, I often will stalk them for a while, in order to make a decision on whether or not I want to go ahead with that purchase. So we need to make sure that we're allowing our audience to stalk us first, in order to build up that connection, that credibility and hopefully get them to come across and make a sale from our ecommerce stores. 

So these four content ideas are for content pillars if you like. Something that we are currently looking at implementing for iland co. in order to try and connect more with our audience and try not to be quite so salesy. We are working on trying to engage our audience more and we will let you know how these go. I know this is the type of content that I love to see and that I engage with on social media and I'm sure you will agree. 

Okay, so my very first content idea for your social media in order to build connection and credibility with your audience, but without sounding salesy, is to share content. That is your product, in real life, or IRL. This is the current theme for us right now at iland co. It's everything IRL - in real life, in real life, in real life. We want to show our audience and our customers, our products being worn outside in real life situations. We have been in the past, sharing our beautiful, glossy, professional photos on our grid, and they just don't get very much engagement. So we are working on flipping that and showing our product in everyday life, whether that's on our customers, whether that's on ourselves, whether it's on members of the team, or friends and family, it's showing our products out in the real life, someone wearing one of our products at the at a restaurant, at the coffee shop, at the beach, and sharing that content to show customers and our audience what our product would look like in their everyday life.

Our number two social media content theme that we are currently working on is all things styling tips. It’s one thing to show your customers a beautiful glossy image of a model wearing your product, it's another to actually give them valuable styling tips. Tell your customer how you'd recommend styling it. Even better do a video that’s a get ready with me videos or (GRWM) videos. I love them as they are showing someone building the outfit in the morning as they get ready for the day. And obviously incorporating your garment into that. So those styling tips how to wear your pieces, what to wear them with. Get your customer thinking about ‘Oh, that's right, you know I've got that other top in my wardrobe that will work really well with this’ versus them looking at your product going ‘I love it, but I have no idea how I'm going to style that’. So if we can educate them and give them some tips and tricks and, and helpful ideas around how they can wear that product, they will feel a lot more confident going ahead and buying from us. 

Another content theme that we are really, really working on and we need to keep reminding ourselves because it's one of these things that we keep forgetting to do but it's behind the scenes or BTS. Doing behind the brand behind the office, behind the faces who are iland co. The picking and packing of orders the design process of some of our makers, any behind the scenes content you can share with your audience will help build that connection and build that confidence and credibility with them in order for them to feel like there's an emotional connection to your brand and they will be excited to buy from you. 

Our fourth and final content idea is UGC or user generated content. Now, if you've got customers, we love it for iland co. when our customers tag us in their posts on stories, wearing our garments, because that kind of content, that user generated content is absolute gold. People love seeing it. I know I love seeing other people where the products versus those staged professional pictures that we see often from brands put out. If you can encourage your audience to tag you to post about you, wearing the products or using your products and, and allow you to reshare, that kind of content will resonate really well with your audience, even if it's reviews, even if it's written reviews, and you can share that review. Ideally, we could get videos maybe, you've got some great loyal customers that would love to do a little bit of a video for you or a video testimonial or a video of you wearing your garment. Those kinds of user generated content will absolutely help you build that connection and credibility with your audience without sounding salesy. 

I hope these four content ideas were helpful to you. Like I said, these are our four content pillars right now here at iland co. in order to engage with our audience. I hope they were helpful to you. This is just a little bit of what I teach inside of my programme online store success. If you want to know more about that, go over to my website, and have a look under courses. The enrollment is currently open. We have live calls each week. There's a Facebook group plus there's a host of lessons and modules in there that take you step by step in building and scaling your very own online store. If you liked this episode, please go ahead and give me a little follow, a review, give a five star rating that would mean the world to me. I hope this content is helpful to you. And I wish you all the best in your online store success journey. See you next week!

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