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Season 2 - episode 2

from markets to millions, online store success with jodie minto

Season 2 - Episode 2

This week, I'm getting stuck into the topic of Facebook ads!

As a Facebook ads nerd, I share all my insight and tips and trick of how to succeed with this marketing strategy.

Tune in to my advice!

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Show transcript

Call me crazy, but I love Facebook ads! I don't know why. I'm very strange. But I proudly wave the flag of being a Facebook ads nerd. Facebook ads have helped grow my business iland co. to a million dollar a year business. And I love sharing teaching and managing ads for others. So stick with me through this episode where I share with you what's working for me right now, post iOS updates, all the algorithm bits and bobs, and how you can implement some of these winning strategies in your ads accounts right now. Stick with me.

Welcome to the online store success podcast with me Jodie Minto. If you have or are planning on launching your very own online store, you are in the right place my friend. I'm your host Jodie Minto and award winning eCommerce mentor online fashion business owner and speaker based on the Central Coast of New South Wales. I started my own online fashion store from scratch as a side hustle when I was working full time in the corporate world, juggling young children and living in the Middle East. Today. That side hustle is a seven figure a year online fashion brand with stockists, and customers all over the world. Join me each week for real talk lessons and strategies that I used in order to build up Island code to the million dollar a year business it is today. The lessons and strategies I share with you each week will help you build and scale your very own successful eCommerce fashion business too. Because I know how my life has changed for the better after launching my own business and I want the same for you. 

Hello, and welcome to this episode of from markets to millions online store success with me Jodie Minto. During this episode today, I'm talking to you about what's working for me right now in Facebook ads land. I know Facebook ads often feel like a dark art and things change so frequently, just when we think we've mastered it, Facebook goes and messes with it. And then we feel like we're back to the drawing board. So today I'm going to share with you what's working for me right now post iOS 14 update. What's happening inside of my own ads account for iland co. My online fashion store is an account that I've spent probably close to a million dollars in over the past eight years or so. So I want to start by saying I am a bit of a Facebook ads nerd. I actually love Facebook ads. It's probably one of the things that I love most about running a business is spending time in there creating strategies thinking about what I'm going to do next, measuring the results to see what needs tweaking, what needs turning off. I really really love it. And it's a strange thing to love. Most people don't. A lot of people come to me for help asking for coaching, asking for me to run their ads for them or to set their ad account up. Because it does feel and look overwhelming for them for the most people. Often when we start our own businesses, we are either professionals or we are passionate creatives. So looking at Facebook Ads account and ads manager day in day out is usually not most people's happy place. But for some reason, my brain I'm a bit strange. I love it. So today I'm going to talk to you about what's working right now because so much has changed. Not only just in the past, I mean, six months, 12 months, but even from now to when I started Facebook ads, it's a completely different game.

Post the iOS update Apple, we hate you so much. We would have to spend time getting really granular on our audiences trying to figure out who it is that we're exactly targeting, and test different audiences. So we would be building look alike audiences off the back of our email list. But then we'd also be looking at doing interest based audiences testing different interests. Back when I very first started, I used to see a lot of the talk was to test you know, one interest at a time. So you might have an audience, for example, of women in Australia are of a certain age and one audience you are testing their interest is Myer and then another one another campaign that you'd run side by side testing a different audience. The only difference is instead of liking my other interests would be David Jones and then testing those so it was it was really really granular and if anything, it's probably gotten a lot easier this day and age because after these iOS updates after apples gone and done all of these, you know, security, opting us out of being tracked options. 

Those audiences don't really matter so much anymore. So, in actual fact, it's gotten easier. Yes, we can't pinpoint exactly who it is we want to add to appear in front of however, Facebook algorithm has gotten so much better, their machine learning has gotten so much smarter. So we don't really need to worry and stress so much about testing those audiences. Because if we build a great creative, a great ad, and have a great offer, the machine learning figures out who to put that ad in front of easier than it did years prior. So what I am doing right now, the only ads I'm running inside of my ad account for iland co, are all broad targeting. And when I say broad targeting, all I'm telling Facebook is the gender, the age and the location of the target audience that I am trying to get in front of. I don't add in a single interest anywhere. The thought leaders in Facebook heads, advertising and paid media right now are all saying that for every customization so every interest that we add, we are almost being penalised by Facebook in the cost that it takes to get a sale. So for every customization we add so every interest if you go in and then layer 15 interests, you will find that your cost per conversion or your partner your cost per acquisition will actually be higher than if you were just letting the machine learning do its thing and optimising just based on those very, very broad audiences. 

So I'm no longer running retargeting audiences, I am just running broad audiences because I am finding that those broad audiences are doing both the heavy lift and both the heavy lifting for cold audience targeting and retargeting because if you go in and you set up your URL, your URL parameters when you create your Facebook ads, and I highly encourage you to do this, the information is pulled through to Shopify. So under conversion details for each of my orders in Shopify, I can see exactly where this customer clicked through to my website first, how many times they came back, and then also that last click where they've come from in order to make that purchase. And so I often will see, it's the level one broad audience that first brought them in, and then maybe a week or two later, it's a different level one audience. 

So again, a broad targeting audience that has brought them back to make the purchase. And that's okay. And what I'm also concentrating on rather than measuring just by the row as the return on ad spend. What I am taking more notice of and working hard to try and stabilise is the average cost per sale. So that is where I'm finding the level these these, I call them level one, these broad audience ads are the ones that are the most stable, they're the ones that will get me say, a $50 sale over and over and over again, they don't fluctuate as much as what the interest based or the lookalike audiences used to for me. And also, they're fairly, you know, steady and consistent. They don't drop off and just all of a sudden stopped working and like a lot of the other audiences I've been testing in the past have. So if anything for me, Facebook ads has actually gotten easier. It's not so much about trying to pinpoint those audiences, because we're just going in and selecting a really broad general audience. But it's just getting the creative right. It's getting the whether it's the video, the slideshow, whether it is the headline or the text, or the description, and then the call to action, right? That's what's more important right now more than ever before versus just trying to get right you know, the audience targeting right so like I said, if anything has gotten easier, in my opinion, I'd love to know if you've had the same thing hit me up on Instagram @iamjodieminto. And let me know how you're going with Facebook ads right now. And also if you are looking for help, I teach. I teach how to manage your own ads through my programme online store success, but I also have a small availability to manage a few ad accounts per month so if you're looking to outsource it if you have have tried running ads before and you have a proven product you're getting sales on your website but just ready to scale that success and are looking for someone to help you do it. Flick me an email at hello@jodieminto.com and we can chat some more. 

I hope this episode was helpful to you if you're running Facebook ads and I will see you again next week, same time, same place. Bye for now. Thanks so much for listening to this episode of online store success with Jodie Minto. If you loved it, please share it with your friends on Instagram and tag me @iamjodieminto so I can say thank you. If you really want to make my day please leave me a review on Apple podcasts. If you'd like my help in starting or scaling your online store, be sure to check out my free resources and programmes at jodieminto.com. Thanks again and best of luck with your store.

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