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Four content ideas that aren’t so salesy Sometimes we can use our social media posts to be social rather than salesy for our business. Creating content that isn’t all salesy helps you build connection, credibility, value and also gives you the option opportunity to promote your products.  Posting on social media, I know for us, […]

Contents Ideas That Aren’t So Salesy

5 Biggest Mistakes with Paid Facebook Ads – and how to avoid them!

5 Biggest Mistakes with Paid Facebook Ads – and how to avoid them!   Facebook Ads can be a fantastic way to increase business revenue for your online business, however, they are far from being intuitive or beginner friendly. I know many clients are intimidated by what appears to be a complex interface and the […]

Paid Facebook Ads- 5 Biggest Mistakes

scale your online store this year with jodie minto

Happy New Year! I hope you’ve dived into 2019 with a cracking Happy New Year start already! I know I’m trying to shake off the holiday excess (hello ham and rose and some extra KG’s!) but I’m silly excited about what’s in store for this year. I’m not sure about you, but for me, 2018 […]

Happy New Year!





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