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facebook ads

So what IS working right now in the Facebook Ads Australia land? Great question. Often we feel like nothing is working and have to stop ourselves from throwing our computer against the wall. Things that used to work just up and stopped overnight. With no explanation as to why. The Meta ‘experts’ keep emailing and […]

16. What Facebook Ads Strategy are Working Well Right Now For My Online Fashion Store

trade show

I’ve also just returned from spending a week in Melbourne where I exhibited at my very first wholesale trade show for iland co., where I don’t want to completely say it was a disaster. It is borderline. So today I’m going to share with you what my top five lessons were regarding exhibiting at your […]

15. 5 x Lessons From My First Wholesale Trade Show – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

sourcing products

Today I am talking about all things sourcing products, how to source products to sell, or how to manufacture your own products. Hopefully you have a bit of an idea around what it is that you want to sell. You have maybe already created a prototype or sample or something like that. Manufacturing and Sourcing […]

12. 5 x Steps Launching Your Online Store – Part 1 – Manufacturing or sourcing your products for your eCommerce store

contents ideas

Sitting on your phone wondering what an earth to share to your Instagram to promote your eCommerce business? Stuck for ideas that aren’t just ‘buy my stuff!’? Today’s episode shares four different contents ideas you can use to promote your online store, that doesn’t sound like a cheap, second hand car salesman. If you would […]

8. Four Contents Ideas For Social Media That Aren’t Super Salesy

your why

What is your why in business? I have just returned from a lovely week-long holiday on Hamilton Island, which is our first family holiday in a long time. The distance and time away is just what I needed in my both my personal and business life. What I discovered on holidays is that I hadn’t […]

6. Reconnecting with your why – why did you start your business?

metrics to measure

Setting retail prices for your online store can be quite a difficult decision. We obviously are in business to make a profit but we also have that fear of not wanting to overprice our products and then make zero sales! Many, many online store owners find themselves antagonising over their prices.After running my own online […]

5. How to set your retail prices for your online store

ecommerce store

10 key elements to succeed in your eCommerce store To be successful in your online business eCommerce store, you should treat your website as if it were a real life store. First impressions are important, right? If you approached a shop and found that there were boxes at the front door, cobwebs in the window, […]

10 key elements to succeed in your eCommerce store

list building

List building, aka growing your mailing list by collecting email addresses, is such an important part of the eCommerce business. These emails or people are your leads and the most likely customers to buy your products. You can market to them and share your campaigns and sales to entice them to perhaps make that first […]

The importance of list building and how to build yours!

Easter is only days away, and if you haven’t put together any Easter campaign ideas to drive sales – it’s not too late. It doesn’t have to be anything super lavish or special, but riding the bandwagon of Easter goodwill and relaxation is key to making some last-minute sales. Every Easter shows a significant rise […]

3 Quick Easter Campaign Ideas To Drive Sales

BASIC FUNDAMENTALS SALES IDEAS The word ‘sales’ can often make you cringe and want to crawl into a cave but let’s face it, most businesses require some kind of ‘sale’ to operate whether you’re selling a house, a course, a dress or even sales ideas. As someone that’s been working in the online retail sales […]

Make The Sale: My Best Online Retail Sales Tips


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