Online Store Success™ with Jodie Minto


An eight-week, step by step guide to building and scaling your online fashion or lifestyle store - minus the overwhelm.

Congratulations! You decided to start an online store…

...and now you have to actually, well, run it.

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You know your product is good, but you’re getting hardly any traffic - and in turn, hardly any sales.

You’ve seriously considered packing the whole thing in, and becoming a door to door pen salesman (Johnny Depp did that, and he seems to have done all right for himself…)

You’re still in the early stages of launching...and you already feel like you’re behind.

You think about changing your branding or website every other week...but you’re not sure if that’s what’s broken.

You find yourself wondering if your pricing is too expensive, too cheap, just’re basically the Goldilocks of eCommerce.

And that’s not as easy as it sounds (as you likely already know!).

Having to learn everything from manufacturing to marketing? It’s a tough gig.

And trust me, if you’re feeling more confused than a chameleon in a bag of Skittles, you’re not alone.

Does this sound like your current situation?

This online business success program can help you create a life where you’re:

Not stressing about your bills and overheads, because the sales keep rolling in

Connected to a loyal and enthusiastic community of customers, who are as excited about each new product drop as you are

Not constantly having to explain at the family Christmas party that no, this isn’t just a hobby

Feeling excited about posting on social media, instead of dreading the sounds of crickets every time you upload something

Able to automate some of your systems and processes, so you can focus on the parts of the business you actively enjoy (and have a life outside of the business, too)

Leading a life where you’re excited and proud to show up to work each day 

Running a profitable and saleable business.

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Sound good?

You have or are about to launch an online store

You’ve been working on this for at least a year, and know you need some support and guidance to make sure your efforts pay off

You understand that you have to invest to grow (you’re not going to run away from paid ads, acquiring new stock, or outsourcing)

You want to connect with other women doing the same thing and build your success stories together (community over competition!)

This program is NOT for you if:

You’re only interested in profits, not people

You’re not open to trying new strategies and solutions

You don’t have time or energy to invest in learning and growth

You believe that others’ success is your loss

This program is for you if:

Starting and growing your online store can be really exciting.

But, here’s the truth:

Even with beautiful products, a significant point of difference from everyone on the market, and a beautifully designed website - you’re not guaranteed to succeed.

Here’s my story…

Six years ago I was living in the Middle East with my husband and 2 young children. I was working full-time in a corporate job that I loathed. I was burnt out and exhausted and desperate to quit my job. I needed a change and I wanted to be my own boss, work my own hours and be in charge of my own destiny.

I was searching for a way to quit my job. What business could I start?

On a trip back to Australia I spotted women wearing these beautiful summer kimonos. They were stunning. And I knew that they would be popular in Dubai, as I could create a fusion between East and West, with a design that married the Middle Eastern Abaya and the Western take on a Japanese Kimono. And so my iland co. journey began.

Like many, I started at the local market stalls. The product sold well. My new business looked like it had potential. I was still working my full-time job but now I was hopeful that this business was my answer.

My next step was to scale so I could quit my job. And I knew online sales was the answer. People seemed to love my product, how hard could it be?

With much excitement, I launched my first online store. My business dream was finally becoming a reality.

But quickly my optimism faded. I just wasn’t getting the traffic or sales I needed.

I began researching and studying everything I could about e-commerce. Digital marketing, copywriting, social media and Facebook ads – there was so much to learn.

I sought the help of international fashion industry experts. I hired a business coach and I attended many conferences and masterminds. I was determined to make it work.

I began testing different strategies in my business. But I was learning the hard way with a lot of trial and error. I spent time on the wrong things. And I invested a lot of money in things that just didn’t work.

But FINALLY, traffic and sales began to grow.

I can still remember having my first $5K month. I was so excited – my hours and hours of hard work were beginning to pay off.

My email list and social media following began to grow. YES! I had cracked the code.

I could hardly believe my eyes as I watched my business grow. My online sales started to hit the $10k, then $20K and then $40 - $50K + every month.

Today, I couldn’t be prouder of iland co. It hasn’t been an easy journey. But it is one I am very proud of.

I now sell out of new collections within days. I have thousands of loyal customers buying from me time and time again. And my business now supports me to enjoy a wonderful lifestyle. I get to be my own boss every day. I get to have fun designing new Collections. And best of all, I enjoy the lifestyle I’ve always wanted.

Would you like me to share what I have learnt with you? Would you like me to give you the exact strategies we use for iland co.

Being an online retailer can be very tough. But it can also be very profitable and give you the lifestyle you want.

Let me show you how it’s done.

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More of your story goes here... make sure you keep it relevant about this course and topic (oh... and keep it short too) 


More of your story goes here... make sure you keep it relevant about this course and topic (oh... and keep it short too) 


Come join me in Online Store Success.

If you’re determined to make this business and lifestyle work for you - the best time to take action is right now.

With solid skills training and a supportive community, you can achieve everything on that list in your head - whether it’s big changes to how you’re living, or just, being able to open a bill without sweating.

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In this program, I’ll be giving you:

Access to myself and other industry experts via our monthly group calls, and Facebook community.

The strategies I’ve used to build my own multiple six-figure online store, and that have helped dozens of students to do the same.

A community of like-minded women to lift you up on the days when you really need it.
A road map of all the major pitfalls and traps most online store owners fall into, so you can avoid them

Your profitable online store starts here.

You can study all these modules in your own time, or do one per week - whatever suits you and your current lifestyle best.

And: you’ll be able to bring any questions you have about them to our live calls.

Modules we will cover include

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What we cover in this Module:

-Get laser clear on who you are serving and how to align your business, brand and messaging to attract them.

Module 2: Perfect Products and Profits

What we cover in this Module:

-Learn how to streamline the manufacturing process, build collections and ranges that appeal to your customer and set your prices to ensure healthy profits.

Module 3: Your Winning Website

What we cover in this Module:

- Learn e-commerce best practices and ensure your website is built to sell (while you sleep!).

Module 4:  Building The Buzz

What we cover in this Module:

- Master organic Social Media strategies to grow your audience and sales!. Learn how to utilise influencer campaigns and giveaways to promote your brand.

Module 5: Scale Your Sales

What we cover in this Module:

- Learn and implement list building strategies, email marketing campaigns, flows, automation and SEO

Module 6: Master Paid Traffic

What we cover in this Module:

- Learn the ropes of all things paid traffic including Facebook and Instagram advertising as well as an introduction to Google ads.

Module 7: 6 - Figures and Beyond

What we cover in this Module:

- Learn the key strategies you need in order to scale your store to $100k and beyond.

plus you’ll also receive

 support, strategies and connections to help you reach your goals.

Expert Masterclasses with industry leaders.

Tools, templates and swipe files you can use in your business. 

Monthly group Q & A calls with Jodie and her team!

Let me guide you in your business dream and ensure you avoid any of the common pitfalls.

Online Store Success has helped women just like you...could you be our next success story?

Egidia doubled her sales and increased her conversion rate by 227%

Since taking the Online Store Success program, I’ve doubled my sales, increased my traffic by 100% and improved my conversion rate by 227%. 

I was at a point where I was wondering if I’d ever be able to make my business dream a reality, and I can happily say now, that I’m well on my way!

Egidia, Awards Fashion

“The course was fabulous! Being able to access Jodie’s knowledge and learnings via her own experiences, is so helpful for all of us just starting out on our own business journey’s.

That kind of information really is invaluable when you are just starting out, so I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with Jodie and the other people in the course.”

Mel, Love My Clutch

Kate, Jimmyhalfpenny

Jodie’s business advice, strategies and Facebook tutorials have been absolute gold!

She has helped me simplify my pricing system and operations, gain more traffic and sales through Facebook ads and even come up with new products to add to my site! Her advice around Facebook ad campaigns has been incredibly valuable.

I’m so glad made the investment to join this program…

My investment has repaid itself tenfold already!”

Jen, Fern & the Wolf

‘This program was amazing’

It laid the groundwork for setting up your business right.
I was a year into having launched a business with minimal planning and guidance, this course took me through step by step in breaking down each element and putting in place a strong base to build upon. It upskills as well as allowing critical reflection to make changes.

Jodie is amazing. She is full of so much passion to grow your business and support to get you there. “

Andrea Ives – Greendoor

I signed up for Jodie’s Online Success Store course after having already started my own online business, but really needed help and insights into how to get it moving.

It is kinda like you sign up to get someone who has a successful online business’s secrets on what works well, what doesn’t, what software is worthwhile investing in, what you should aim to be doing and what you might want to outsource etc. Not to say that I follow Jodie’s exact path because my business is different but I picked up SO many great tips to put into practice asap – which is the key, you need to work out what will work for you. Such a timesaver as she has tried and tested so much so this alone saves hours of research and your own trial and error.

I am now working through putting many new things into place in my business, allowing time for this to happen and I have a much better plan in place to get my business running more effectively. I feel more confident in making it work!

Jodie is so lovely, friendly and open and I am thankful for her wanting to share her knowledge. Very valuable!


I loved the program. I had to think a lot about whether to sign up or not as had not heard of iland co or yourself personally Jodie, so was hard to know whether to trust in the course or not. There are so many courses out there now that its always hard to know which ones to do and $990 seemed a lot to invest. However, I really loved it and found your feedback really helpful. It was great to go over everything and to learn more. Thanks so much for your time and well done you on putting together a beautiful course :)

I am so grateful I came across your course on FB, I wouldn't have been able to get to where I am now with launching my online fashion business


Jodie you are absolutely lovely and have fabulous energy and made the course very enjoyable. 


So, just to recap, you get

Monthly Q & A calls with Jodie and her team of experts. 

Join Jodie and her team every other week where you can bring any questions you have regarding the content or business in general.

Learn from someone who has been in e-commerce for many years and continues to run a successful online fashion store.

7 x Core Foundational, self paced, learning Modules arming you with the skills and strategy you need to scale your online store.

Study these modules at a time convenient to you from your phone or computer.

You will have 12 months access to the online modules, including any updates!

Downloadable workbooks, checklists, templates and references.

Weekly homework challenges, and more.

Everything you need ensure you are on the right road to success.

After completing all of the worksheets, you will have a clear business plan for the next 12 months.

8 weeks access to our Private Facebook Community – a support group lead by Jodie and her team of experts. 

 Ask questions, meet and collaborate with other like-minded e-commerce business owners and get feedback on course content.

Jodie and her team are in the group frequently, so you can post any questions here, in between coaching calls.

12 months access to the training hub which includes 5 core modules including over 20 videos, downloads and worksheets.

Study when and where you like and at your own pace.

The learning platform is hosted on Teachable. Access the modules from your computer, ipad or smartphone.

This can be done live in one of the group coaching calls, or recorded and delivered to your inbox at the end of the program.

This valuable feedback will provide you with practical advice specific to you and your business.

Everything you need to make sure your store succeeds is just a few clicks away.

US $697

Make this the year you take your online store to new heights!


8 x Weeks of high-value content and group coaching specific to e-commerce

Worksheets + downloadables + support

Monthly LIVE Group Coaching Sessions with Jodie and her team

12 months access to the course content  

8 weeks access to the private Pop-up Facebook Support Community for students


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8 x Weeks of high-value content and group coaching specific to e-commerce

Worksheets + downloadables + support

Monthly LIVE Group Coaching Sessions with Jodie and her team

12 months access to the course content  

8 weeks access to the private Pop-up Facebook Support Community for students


Course begins with Lesson One as soon as you register


Join today

3 Monthly Payments of US $247

Meet Our Guest Contributors

Copywriter and SEO Expert from

Meet Kate Toon – Copywriter and SEO Expert from

Kate is an award-winning copywriter, SEO consultant, author, podcaster, speaker and hula hooper with almost two decades of experience in all things advertising, digital and writing.

Kate’s the founder of The Clever Copywriting School and The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse.

Kate co-hosts the Hot Copy Podcast, host the Recipe for SEO Success Podcast and the Confessions of a Misfit Entrepreneur Podcast.

Kate joins us via a recorded lecture in Module 7 with some great SEO strategies that you can implement right away!


Instagram Marketing Expert from Social Stylings

Makayla is an Instagram Marketing Specialist specialising in the Fashion industry.

She is passionate about providing modern marketing knowledge and actionable strategies that are specific to the Fashion and Beauty industries.

Whether you are the founder of an up and coming Fashion Label, Online Fashion Boutique or Skincare Brand, Makayla has the knowledge and expertise to grow your Instagram presence.

Makayla teaches implementable Instagram strategies that can save businesses tons of time and money on agency fees.

Makayla joins us via recorded lecture in Module 4 – Social Media Success Strategies, sharing her fashion and lifestyle Instagram expertise!in Module 7 with some great SEO strategies that you can implement right away!


Professional Photography Mentor from Click, Love, Grow

Louise believes that the person behind the camera is the most important factor in taking a good shot – way more significant than having the most expensive camera or 17 different lenses.

And her big, underlying philosophy is… That ANYONE can learn to take amazing photos.

No matter how much experience you’ve had, no matter what sort of equipment you’ve got, and no matter whether you consider yourself ‘artistic’ or not. Really. Photography is a skill like any other – you just need the right teacher, the right techniques, and a little practice.

Louise helps people learn everything they need to know to use their camera effectively and take amazing photos, all in the comfort of your own home.

Louise joins us via recorded lecture in Module 1 – Source & Showcase your Perfect Products!


Pinterest Marketing Expert from PinCredible Marketing

Did you know the PINTEREST IS THE 3RD LARGEST SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM WORLDWIDE WITH 70 MILLION USERS! Seriously, it’s enormous, and if you aren’t using it in your business you are missing on a lot of potential sales!

Lisa is passionate about all things Pinterest and educates business owners on how to utilise the platform in order to drive traffic and sales to their websites and businesses.

Lisa shares with us all sort of tips and tricks to make sure you have your Pinterest account set up the right way in order to capture some of the huge amounts of traffic that visit the site, each and every day.

Lisa joins us via recorded lecture in Module 3 – Social Media Success Strategies and we are so glad she does!


Marketing, PR and Facebook Ads Expert

Miranda has 15+ years of experience in Marketing and Publicity working with national and international events, products and people.

By combining her marketing and strategy experience with Facebook Ads, her clients have seen high ROI, exponential email list growth, and launched entrepreneurs and brands with a bang.

Miranda joins us via recorded lecture in Module 6 – Facebook & Instagram Ads!


Swimwear & Production Expert. Modulus Design

Suzanne is an experienced designer, developer and mentor specialising in swim and resort wear.

As a Fashion & Textile graduate from Victoria University in Wellington Suzanne has over 20 years experience working with some of Australia’s most successful swim and surf brands including Billabong, Running Bare, Voodoo Dolls and 2Chillies.

Suzanne joins us via recorded lecture in Module 1 – Sourcing and Showcasing the Perfect Products and is not to be missed!


Still got questions?

When does the program start?

When does the program start?

As soon as you enrol you gain access to the course.

Do I get instant access to all modules?

Do I get instant access to all modules?

Modules will be released each week on the anniversary of your enrolment. We drip feed modules in order to not overwhelm you but once all your modules have been released, you have access to them for 12 months!

Does the program include live Q & A calls?

Does the program include live Q & A calls?

Yes, the Online Store Success Program includes Monthly Live Group calls via the Facebook group. A schedule for these calls will be shared on enrolment. 

Will I have access to Jodie?

Will I have access to Jodie?

Absolutely! Jodie host’s each of the live group Q & A calls! If you are needing regular 1:1 coaching however, you would be better placed in Jodie’s VIP Mastermind. Email to find out more

How long does the program run?

How long does the program run?

The core learning modules are delivered over 8 weeks! However, you will have access to the modules for 1 year and 8 weeks access to the dedicated Facebook group. Inside of this group, Jodie hosts monthly Q & A calls as well!

How many modules are included in the program?

How many modules are included in the program?

7 modules + special bonuses – each one is released at the start of each week. 

Do you offer refunds?

Do you offer refunds?

We 100% stand by the quality of our program and learnings and therefore do not offer refunds.

If you have received the workbook, joined the course Facebook group or accessed any modules (pre-program included), no refund applies.

If you have purchased the program by accident and haven’t yet logged in, please contact us immediately at

What if I want more help with my business? 

What if I want more help with my business? 

After the completion of the program, selected students will be invited to join a 12-month VIP Mastermind Program which includes more advanced coaching and strategies as well as face to face events and training.

How do I access the course content?

How do I access the course content?

After enrolment, you will receive a confirmation a receipt and instructions on how to log into the program.

What format are the modules delivered in?

What format are the modules delivered in?

High-quality videos with audio that you can log in and access anytime from your computer or via the Teachable App on your smartphone. 

How do I join the call and what if I can't make it?

When does the program start?

All Monthly Q & A calls will happen inside the Facebook group via a Facebook live.  These videos will allow you to get expert advice specific to your business.  All video calls are stored inside the group so you can come back and watch them. 

What do we cover in the live group Q & A calls? 

What do we cover in the live group Q & A calls? 

The group calls are purely Questions and Answers. Please bring any related questions to the course content or homework assignments to the call OR any business related questions you might have. 

How do join the Facebook group and how long do I have access for?

How do join the Facebook group and how long do I have access for?

As soon as you have enrolled, we will send you a link to join the group. You will have access to the group for 8 weeks from enrolment.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes we do!  Check the shopping cart options to see our latest payment plan options.  The first payment is collected when you complete your enrolment. The following payments will come out monthly on your anniversary of joining.

What payment methods do you accept?

When does the program start?

We accept Credit Card and Paypal.

Can I ask you a question not covered? 

Can I ask you a question not covered? 

Yes! Of course. Email me at

I work with professionals on a daily basis, structuring and helping them develop learning resources out of their IP, and believe me when I say that I know a dedicated, caring professional with a mountain of knowledge when I see one!

It’s been a pleasure working with Jodie to help her transform her knowledge, skills and expertise into a 5 star, outcomes-based, results-focused package which, without a doubt, gives you the foundations you need to create an online store successfully.

Jodie and I have worked together intensively to ensure that the learning materials are well structured and packed with activities and tasks that will help you not just learn but implement your learnings straight away.

The amount of knowledge you get in this course is phenomenal – if a successful online store is your dream, doing this course is an absolute no brainer!

Maria Doyle
Consultant in Adult Education and Training

So...where to from here?

You can keep slogging away on your own, questioning everything, never quite sure if you’re on the right path (or about to hit a dead end with yet another very expensive “experiment”)...


You can spend the next eight weeks arming yourself with tried and tested strategies, designed to get you from where you are now to where you want to be - minus the stress, expense and overwhelm.

The course came along at a perfect time for me and was also a perfect fit for my business, with all modules being totally relevant for me. Money well spent! I haven't quite finished the modules as I've been concentrating on getting my website live so its awesome that I can still access at my own pace. Especially looking forward to the one on one calls with Jodie & Miranda as soon as I get my site live! Thanks so much Jodie, keep doing what you are doing!


The course was a great start showing me what I need to do even though I am not quite there yet and ready to get started. It was a good blueprint for my next stages and the information will be used even if I outsource a lot of it. I will use the information more over the next few months so glad I can still access it.


I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this program. I have learnt so much (and I’m still not finished). I love that the program is self-paced and I continue to have access afterwards (otherwise I may have been overwhelmed) as I’m taking this slowly so that I absorb all of the nuggets of gold. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and experience. This course is a rare find that has lived up to all of my expectations!!