The Top 5 Mistakes Women make when launching their online stores.

How you can avoid them (or fix them if you have already launched!)

What you need to do first BEFORE launching your online store

The key components you DO need for a profitable website

How to attract people to your site and convert them into customers

This webinar is for you if you;

Are struggling to drive traffic to your store

Not getting the sales you need to make a profit

Getting loads of abandoned carts

Don't know what you are doing wrong

So if you want to learn more of the strategies I've implemented to take my own online fashion business from $3k - $30k per month, come along to my free webinar.

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How do I know about these mistakes? 

Because I made ALL of them when I launched my online store!

When I launched my first online store many moons ago, I was fuelled with enthusiasm, passion and a whole lot of blind faith...

How hard could it be?

I was already planning the 50 different ways I was going to quit my corporate job.

I couldn't wait to run away to a tropical island  with my laptop to start living my 'laptop lifestyle' like you see in our Facebook feeds.

Fast forward 12 months later and I was left holding a total disaster of a business, one customer  (my Mum!) and tons of lost time and money. 

During those 12 months I even spent every weekend hustling at market stalls and still managed to not make a sale... That resignation letter wasn't being handed over anytime soon!

You see, I didn't realise was how challenging it would be...  

How hard it was to drive traffic to my website...

 Or how hard it would be to turn those visitors into customers...

I've learnt a lot since then.

My online store turns over more than $200k each year.

I enjoy the infamous 'laptop lifestyle' but rather from home, in my gym gear and with my chihuahua by my side (I have kids so wasn't allowed to run away to a tropical island! ;p )

In my years of growing and scaling my online fashion store www.ilandco.com , I've discovered there are 5 really common mistakes that most people make when first starting out. 

These are mistakes I myself made, but the good news is you can fix them and quickly! But only if you know what they are!

Join me on this totally free webinar and find out exactly what they are (and how to fix them!).

See you on the webinar!


Hi there!

I’m Jodie Minto. Like every woman I’ve ever met, I wear a lot of hats and it’s not always easy to swap one out for the other. But that got me thinking, why should you have to be just one thing at a time? A great, fulfilling life should allow you to be all that you are — and all at the same time (if you want to).

I’m a natural-born entrepreneur, and I started my own business when I was 19 years old.

I never wanted to do anything else but work for myself and age (or life experience!) wasn’t about to stop me. I ran that company for almost five years before starting my family.

That was back in the ‘Dark Ages’ before social media, and things have changed ALOT since then. What used to take hours of phone calls and days of pounding the pavement is now done with a few clicks of a keyboard. It’s now easier than ever to launch and run your own business – even when still working a 9 to 5.

Fast forward a few years later, I was a new Mum and Wife and my husband was offered a job opportunity in Dubai!. Recently married, with an 18-month old so, we took a deep breath and went for it. We packed up all our portable possessions and moved o thousands of miles away to a place we’d never even visited!

I also had a very special carry-on item. Our soon-to-be-born daughter, in my ever-expanding belly!

Life as an expat was a complete rollercoaster of outrageous culture shock and beautiful experiences. Though life in a completely new place takes time to adjust to, we are grateful for the opportunities it’s given us. For example, our kids have visited more than 20 countries so far and our daughter was born in the Middle East. A great conversation starter, if there ever was one!

When my daughter was two years old, I was offered a full time corporate job in Dubai. It seemed like the right time to re-enter the working world after years of full-time motherhood.

Employment opportunities for expat spouses are few and far between. While I’m grateful for the money the job provided, I was burnt out on being a corporate slave (er, executive assistant) after just two years. It’s funny how you become stuck in a rut and keep promising yourself “just one more month” before you hand in your notice. Before you know it, five years have gone by, and you are still stuck in a job that brings you no joy.

I ended up spending over five years in a job that brought me no joy. Yet, I used the extra money to launch iland co, my online fashion business. I had business in my blood and was desperate to make my business profitable enough to allow me to never work a 9 – 5 again! I was finally backing myself and following my dreams and it felt great!

My journey as founder and C.E.O. of iland co has been an incredible learning experience.

With the knowledge and experience I acquired building iland co, I realized that I could help others too. I want others to enjoy the same financial freedom and flexible lifestyles that I now have.

With that goal in mind, I welcome you to JodieMinto.com.

Here we’ll work together to get women everywhere — this means you! — started down the path to launching a business designed to fit whatever lifestyle you choose.

I know you can do it if you get the right advice and a little encouragement.

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