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How do I know about these mistakes? 
Because I made all of them when I launched my online store.

When I launched my first online store, I was fuelled with enthusiasm, passion and a whole lot of blind faith. How hard could it be?

I was already planning the 50 different ways I was going to quit my corporate job. I couldn't wait to run away to a tropical island to start living my laptop lifestyle - but fast forward 12 months, and I'm hustling like crazy at market stalls with a website that isn't making a single sale.

You see, I didn't realise how hard it was to drive traffic to a website. Or, even harder, how to turn those visitors into buying, repeat customers.

I've learnt a lot since then. Now, my online store turns over more than a million dollars each year. No markets needed.

I enjoy flexibility, freedom and profit, helming a successful fashion business in a lifestyle location. I even mentor others now. And it's because of that mentoring that I see the same themes appearing over and over again. In fact, they're the same 5 common mistakes that almost every business owner makes each time.

I made these mistakes too! But the good news? You can fix them, and quickly. But only if you know what they are, and how.

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